"My health, and consequently, life has improved exponentially under the care of Dr. Bonnie. She is thorough, clear, patient, personable, discerning and exceptionally knowledgeable.  I can confidently say this is the best heath care my family and I have ever experienced."

~ Sarah B., Ashland OR


"My husband and I brought our daughter to see you when she was 3 years old; that was 6 years ago (How time flies!!) You not only helped us with her symptoms at that time, but led us, as a family, to a healthier life path. I am forever grateful for you and how you helped us help ourselves." 

~ Linda B., Seattle WA


"AWESOME ~ that best describes my cleanse experiences at Hidden Springs. In an atmosphere of skilled facilitators and camaraderie, I learned so much about my body and the important, though mostly overlooked, process of detoxification. My energy level increased as a result and the cleanse created a springboard for me to release extra weight. I highly recommend it!" 

~ France R., Ashland OR


"I always wanted to do a metabolic cleanse but was concerned about keeping up my energy. Dr. Bonnie spent an hour in consultation and did a blood profile from which she designed a personalized cleanse that, although it demanded my attention, provided me with the nutrition and support I needed.  I actually experienced an increase in energy and made life style changes that have stayed with me." 

~ Client, Ashland OR


“The second day into the cleanse, all my allergies disappeared. They were simply gone and my sinuses were clear and open!” 

~ Philip W., Ashland OR


“Two of the more surprising results of doing the cleanse were the impact it had on my energy and libido. This certainly will not be my last Cleanse!” 

~ Corina D., Student, Bastyr University


"My favorite part of the 28 Day Seasonal Cleanse was Dr. Bonnie extensive knowledge about EVERYTHING."

~ Client, Ashland OR


"I really appreciated Dr. Bonnie's clear expertise on cleansing.  The classes were so educational."

~ Client, Ashland OR