Well Child Services

Dr. Bonnie would love to get to know your child when they are well and to see them frequently as babies and then annually throughout childhood. This will help your child be comfortable seeing Dr. Bonnie when they are sick and will assist her in knowing your child’s underlying health terrain.




Your well child visit gives you and your child a chance to discuss nutrition, exercise, stress management, and any other concerns or questions you may have. Dr. Bonnie will assess your child’s developmental milestones, perform a complete physical, and provide education appropriate to your child’s age and health.


Topics include:

  • Vaccine education
  • Immune support and fever treatment
  • Solid food introduction
  • Healthy foods for kids
  • Sleep strategies
  • Travel tips
  • Exercise
  • Stress reduction for children
  • Sex education for teens


Acute Conditions:

  • Dr. Bonnie will provide education that allows you to treat yourself and your family for most acute infections, fevers, rashes, and other minor complaint. Its a good idea to make an acute appointment when your child is experiencing some new you have not treated at home in the past.
  • When should you bring a child in who you are treating at home? Bring your child in if they have not recovered within 5-7 days. Healthy children will recover quickly from acute conditions except when there is an underlying issue that is distracting their immune systems. Possible concerns are allergies, fungal infections and parasitic infections. Another cause for delayed recovery is a deeper illness such as lung, sinus or ear infections which may need further assessment and treatment.

Chronic Conditions:

  • Pediatrics-page-1Allergies may be the source of a variety of symptoms including seasonal hay fever, daily sniffles, allergic shiners, eczema and other rashes, chronic sinus infections, asthma and attention deficit disorder. Allergies may be caused by anything in the environment including foods, airborne pollens, molds, animals, cleaning supplies, soaps, jewelry and building materials. When treating allergies my goal is to identify and remove the cause, cool the heated immune response, heal the damaged tissue, and help the body develop tolerance to its environment.
  • Eczema is caused by an overactive immune response to the child’s environment. Generally there is a family history of eczema, asthma or chronic sinus and tonsil infections. While there is generally an intolerance of food which triggers eczema, deficiencies in essential fatty acids, infections with molluscum or yeast and stress all contribute to flairs and difficulty healing.
  • Asthma, enlarged tonsils and chronic post nasal drip have the same underlying causes as eczema but may be additionally triggered by airborne allergens, air temperature and activity.
  • Mood instability including inability to concentrate, unreasonable irritability and aggressiveness, and depression can make home and school life difficult or intolerable. These conditions tend to be multifactorial and will often need a comprehensive treatment approach to alter. We will assess allergies and nutritional deficiencies, consider supportive herbs and homeopathy and find ways to alter the child’s social and environmental triggers. Physical medicine such as cranio-sacral may help reduce stress and increase vascular and neural flow to the brain to bring balance to the nervous system.

Adolescent issues 

  • Acne is one of the main reasons young people seek medical advice. Acne is often brought on by the hormones of puberty and aggravated by poor diet, lack of sleep, stress, facial products, nutritional deficiencies and dehydration. By improving lifestyle and educating teens about skin care, the young adult will have both clearer skin and better general health.
  • Menses in young women can be very erratic and can cause severe cramping, heavy bleeding, and radical mood swings. The general medical approach is to override the hormones with birth control pills so that the symptoms resolve. While this is often effective in treating the condition short term, a woman may find that later in life when she chooses to discontinue hormonal treatment, the menstrual complaints return. By listening to her body and balancing the hormones with lifestyle alterations, herbs, homeopathy and nutrition, a woman can optimize the function of her female organs and bring better life long reproductive health.
  • Fatigue is often a concern for high school students who start school early and tend to get a second wind late at night. While it seems an easy solution is to go to bed earlier, the hormones of puberty including growth hormone are responsible for this late energy surge and may make earlier sleep impossible. Increased exercise and a balanced diet can help bring about a better sleep balance. Other contributing factors to fatigue include low iron status and social stressors which a young adult may have difficulties expressing.