Seasonal Cleanse Program

Health is more than being free of disease. Women today are searching for optimal wellness and vitality, with abundant energy to give our gifts to family and community, and to enjoy our time with those we love. Gracefully balancing a full life, in what can be a demanding and hectic world, takes foresight and a willingness to commit to self-care as we care for others. Dr. Bonnie offers the following to help you reach and sustain your optimal wellness: ¨Annual exam with pap and complete head-to-toe physical with an open discussion of screening options such as colonoscopies and mammograms ¨Your best birth control options to meet your current and future needs ¨Review annual screening blood work from a naturopathic, optimal health perspective ¨Assist you in creating your nutrition and exercise plan for increased vitality ¨Review your daily rhythms to uncover the root cause of fatigue ¨28 day Seasonal Cleanse Program every spring and fall ¨Assess the need for specific detoxification through a review of your current and prior exposure to environmental pollutants ¨An eight week Keto-adaptive Program to help you burn stored fat ¨A four month Preconception Program to help you and your partner reach optimal wellness before you conceive

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