Seasonal Cleanse

Q.Why should you cleanse?

A. A seasonal cleanse gives the body a chance to eliminate toxins. Chemicals from the environment build up in the liver and in fat cells. Toxins build up overwhelm your body. Toxic build up causes: fatigue, headaches, brain fog, irritability, rashes and acne, muscle and joint aches and pains. Chemicals also cause hormonal issues including menstrual symptoms and menopausal complaints.

Many chronic complaints disappearing without any other treatment besides the seasonal cleanse. In fact we call it the 70% solution because about 70% of participant’s symptoms are resolved at the end of the program!

Reduce your body burden of toxins and protect your life long health with an annual seasonal cleanse.


Q. Where do toxins come from?

A. There are over 85,000 man-made chemicals. Many of these chemicals have been shown to cause harm in animals and humans and yet remain in circulation. We use these chemicals everyday in industry, household cleaners, cosmetics, and personal care product. The are found in clothing, cookware, food additives and preservatives. Modern agriculture and pest control are dependent on chemicals. We put them in our bodies as birth control and medications; basically in any and all modern conveniences.

Toxic metals such as lead and mercury can be released naturally and through industry. Alcohol, caffeine, sugar and refined carbohydrates can also contribute to toxicity. Even using natural product such as herbs and vitamins can be toxic.


Q. What does the 28 Day Seasonal Cleanse involve?

A. The Cleanse Companion Workbook guides you on your Seasonal Cleanse.  Foods,  supplements, and herbs are recommended help your body remove toxins.  Instruction for specific exercise, deep breathing, saunas, colonics, dry skin brushing and castor oil packs are included.



Q. Is your cleanse program a fast?

A. No, our recommended cleanse diet is an organic whole-foods vegan diet. For your Seasonal Cleanse we emphasize an abundance of vegetables, some non-tropical fruits, grains, legumes and healthy organic fats.


Q. What if I can’t eat beans or grains, can I eat animal proteins while completing your program?

A. Animal products tend to concentrate, or bio-accumulate, toxins. To keep incoming toxic exposure low, we recommend a vegan approach. That being said, we realize vegan does not work for everyone. If you rely on meat for protein because you do not do well on legumes and or grains, organic foul and low mercury fish are allowed. Do avoid red meat, eggs and dairy.


Q. Can I continue my exercise program while cleansing?

A. Absolutely! Regular exercise is an important way to detox. Daily movement of some type is a key component of the seasonal cleanse  program. If you have a consistent exercise routine, keep it going during the cleanse. If you don't regularly exercise, add 15 minutes of gentle movement every day.


Q. How much does the 28 day cleanse class cost?


  • The on-line webinar is $95 for the four weeks.
  • The two books you will need are: The Seasonal Cleanse Workbook ($35) and The Cleanse Companion Cookbook ($14.95).
  • Eight supplements are essential including herbs, nutrients, and protein powder. The cost is a little over $200.
  • There are additional optional costs for colon hydrotherapy and other spa treatments.
  • Alternately you can do your own home treatments with minimal purchasing of supplies, depending on what you already have.


Q. Do I need to buy the supplements for the 28 day cleanse?

A. The herbs and supplements are an integral part of the program. We have spent many hours determining the most effective and affordable combination. These products provide all the cleanse support you will need for an awesome month long seasonal cleanse.

When researching products Dr. Bonnie searches for products that are  free of toxicants and non-GMO. All of recommended herbal products are organic or wild harvested.

The protein powder we provide is GMO-free and is specifically designed for cleansing. There are additional nutrients to support your liver and kidneys to enhance the clearance of toxins. While other protein powders may be good nutrition, most are not designed for cleansing.


Q. Can I eat coconut oil, coconut butter, or coconut milk while cleansing? What about butter or ghee?

A. Coconuts are considered a tree nut and so in a strict cleanse should be avoided. However, there are two general exceptions to that rule.

One, if you have cleansed in the past and have eliminated and challenged coconut and have no reaction.

Two, coconut oil has little-to-no proteins remaining and therefore does not cause an immune reaction. Ghee is a dairy product also tolerated for the same reason.

Any fat eat on the seasonal cleanse should be organic. It is essential you buy organic ghee because chemicals such as PCBs can be found in inorganic dairy products.


Q. What about sweeteners such as Stevia, honey, and maple syrup?

A. That depends. It is a good idea to avoid all sweeteners if you know you have an addiction to sugar. Give your sweet tastebuds a break. You will more fully appreciate the natural sweetness in fruits and vegetables.  Sugar addicts who re-connect with the abundance of flavor in whole foods will be empowered. It is a first step in creating a life where you don't need sweeteners to get through the day.

If you do chose to use sweeteners, all three of the above choices are allowed in small amounts. Another option when you want a treat is to add cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, or vanilla to your food. All other sweeteners are processed and should be avoided. Dried fruit, fruit juice, and dates should also be avoided because they are too concentrated in sugar.


Q. Will I need a laxative? Which one?

A. About 50% of people who do the seasonal cleanse benefit from a laxative. Start with the magnesium citrate. Take enough at night to notice a slight change in your morning bowel movement. Your stool should be a bit looser and or move quicker and with less effort. For most people, enough mag-citrate will guarantee an easy, complete BM in the morning.

However, your goal is 2-3 BMs per day. You may benefit from adding a laxative at night or after lunch. Some options are smooth move tea, aloe vera capsules, and Dr. Shutze formula number one. I like a tincture with the following formula for people who are sensitive to Senna, which can cause explosive BMs. Cascara(3), Rhubarb(2), Rumex(1), Arctium(1), Cinnamon(1)  (note, the number after the herb is the proportion in the formula).


Q. How do I do a coffee enema?

A. Make a strong cup of organic coffee. Dilute with water in a full enema bucket/bag. Follow the coffee enema solution with a second bucket or bag of saline solution. Consider using decaf if you are really sensitive to coffee.


Q. Why do an enema with coffee?

A. Coffee is very stimulating to the liver and the large intestine and will mobilize more stored toxins. More is not necessarily better. Start with a saline enema if you are new to colon hydrotherapy, .