Preconception Care

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Preconception Care

Enhance your health in preparation for a successful pregnancy and a bright, healthy beautiful baby! Preconception care can optimize fertility, help you achieve a healthy full-term pregnancy and a straight-forward uneventful labor. With preconception care you focus on enhancing personal health for both the mother and father-to-be. Because healthy parents are more likely to experience a normal pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Learn more about how to positively impact nutrition, body composition and environmental exposure to chemicals which can negatively impact you pregnancy. Your future baby will benefit from the simple, non-invasive, cost-effective tools that naturopathic medicine has to offer during the pre-conception period.

Set aside a few months to prepare for a life-time of health for your baby. Assure yourself that your health is the best it can be. If you are having any symptoms, your body is letting you know your health is out of balance and could use some support. Listen to those symptoms, find out what your body needs to feel better and you can be sure you are creating a better environment for conceiving a baby.

First find out which harmful substances you may be exposed to regularly and which ones may be stored in your body and reduce your toxic burden to avoid passing it on to your baby. Once you have reduced your toxic load, build up nutrient stores. Both partners will benefit from increased nutrients including zinc and folate. By investing a few months of your time and focusing your energy on creating optimal pre-conception health, not only will you feel great, your children will benefit for the rest of their lives.