Keto Boot Camp

Train Your Body to Burn Fat!


This 6 week course will lead you step-by-step through keto-boot camp, to train your body to burn fat efficiently through keto-adaptation. You will be instructed on how to customize a low-card diet to restructure your metabolism, making it easy to use stored fat as fuel. The course will also cover optimal exercise programs for a healthy body composition, why sleep habits are so important, and how keto-adaptation can assist detoxification.


What is Keto Adaptation? How can it benefit you? Check out this interview with Dr. Bonnie!


When you learn to burn fat as fuel, it makes it easier to lose weight and have more energy. In keto-boot camp you will train your liver to make ketones, little balls of fat that can be used as fuel, and then train the rest of your body to burn them. Keto-adapting can improve fitness, build muscle, and increase athletic performance. It can reduce aches and pains due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects.

Keto-adaptation is being used to prevent and treat many common degenerative diseases and conditions — diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, seizures, etc. It can also stabilize your moods, prevent low blood sugar symptoms, improve your memory, and concentration, help you relax deeply, and increase and sustain your energy levels.

To keto-adapt you will need to eat a ketogenic diet (very low carb) for 2-3 months. Once you have trained your body to use fat as fuel, either from diet or from fat stores, you can begin to explore how to reach and maintain optimal health, as well as your ideal weight.

Once a year in January-February, Dr. Bonnie offers live classes in keto-adaptation in Ashland, Oregon. You can also establish care with Dr. Bonnie at any time of year for a customized program to help you discover your optimal long term nutrition to stay fit and healthy for the rest of your life! For those of you who are not local, Dr. Bonnie offers private coaching though a HIPPA-compliant web based program.

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