Four Day Fat Flush

olive oilOur Fabulous Four Day Fat Flush is quick, relatively simple, and satisfying. It is designed to be repeated as desired throughout the year as often as once a month. We developed it specifically to remove chemicals stored in our fat.

It turns out fat is a great storage bin for fat soluble compounds. The more fat soluble toxins we have, the more fat we need to store them in. In fact, we think the body is pretty smart to put toxic poisons in a relatively safe place where they will do the least harm.

If you are on a weight loss program or just trying to lose that last 10 pounds, it makes sense to remove the chemicals stored in that fat. In fact, one of the best kept weight loss secrets is “remove the fat soluble toxins and the fat will follow”. If you just focus on losing the weight without getting rid of the toxins, you will probably put it right back on, so that those toxins can be safely diluted and stored.

What about skinny people, do they store fat soluble chemicals? They do. In fact, they may feel sicker than overweight people because the toxins are more likely to enter the blood stream and cause symptoms. While thin people don’t want to lose weight, they still will benefit from a “human oil change”, getting out the fat soluble toxins.