Naturopathic Care

Q. What is Naturopathic Care?

A. Naturopathic Care is a branch of medicine that focusses on prevention. Life-style habits are a key component of treatment. You are a unique individual. Your naturopath can help you create a lifestyle to support your health.

Q.  What can I expect from my  first visit?

A.  Your first naturopathic care visit with Dr. Bonnie will focus on getting to know your health story. We will identify your areas of concern and prioritize diagnostic testing and treatment. You can expect Dr. Bonnie to spend about 90 minutes with you, in which she will:

  • Take a thorough medical history and ask many clarifying questions to truly understand your current health picture and lifestyle.
  • Order lab-work or imaging as indicated.
  • Provide a clear treatment plan and instructions for follow-up.


Q.  What should I bring with me on my first visit?

  1. Prior to your visit, complete your on-line health intake.
  2. Any pertinent medical records you have including recent lab or imaging reports.
  3. Any supplements you are taking which may have too many ingredients to write down on your form


Q.  Does Dr. Bonnie take insurance?

We are currently unable to bill any health insurance companies for services. For patients who have coverage with a PPO (as opposed to an HMO) we are happy to provide a bill with insurance coding. Many PPO's will reimburse some percentage of visits for an out-of-network provider. All visits must be paid for in advance. The patient is responsible for submitting the bill to their insurance company for direct reimbursement.

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are acceptable for payment for naturopathic medicine services.