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Electric bike commuting:my new health habit!

My eldest daughter moved home for the summer, and our family found itself juggling work, soccer, and our social lives with limited transportation. Two cars and four busy people make for strained circumstances, but it also makes for some innovative thinking. So, I considered my options, did some research and bought myself an electrical bike. I have found mind, body, and spirit benefits beyond my initial expectations. And I keep searching for longer and more interesting routes to work, just so I can keep pedaling.

Riding my bike, which I have nicknamed “The Wolf”, is not only a healthy option for me, but also for my community. I am one less car on the road, and my virtually silent electrical system creates no emissions, and thus has a smaller carbon footprint. I feel more connected to my community while biking around town and I get to exercise without feeling as if I am exercising!

A common misconception I have found is that motors eliminate the need to pedal and therefore, are not as healthy as regular bikes. What I appreciate most about my bike is that the exercise is entirely up to me. My favorite mode of transportation thus becomes a flexible workout plan tailored specifically to me and to how I am feeling that day. Yes, I have the option for electronic assistance, but really what that little motor does is allow me to travel much farther with similar effort, so that I find myself pedaling longer and taking on bigger challenges than I ever would on my own.

My electric bike is versatile, easy to maintain, convenient, and ideal for both in town travel and my commitment to a fitness lifestyle. I am also excited about the reduction in my gas bill. I have calculated that in about 18 months I will have paid for my bike with this savings.

I enthusiastically hope to start a trend and encourage you to consider an electric bike for your commuter I bought mine at ashlandelectricbikes.com

Best in health, Dr. Bonnie

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