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Genetic Testing

What are genes? Genes are small sub-units of DNA. DNA is a vast chemical information database that carries the complete set of instructions for making all the proteins your cells will ever need. The DNA in each chromosome is composed of many genes and also has long stretches of non-coding DNA, the function of which…
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Sauna for Health

Sauna for Health Saunas have been around for thousands of years, in diverse cultures all over the world. They have served important social and spiritual functions, while also being valued for promoting health and treating illness. The Fins, from whose language the name sauna derives, have been enjoying the health benefits of passive sweating for…
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Perfluoro-chemicals and Health

Perfluoro-chemicals and Health Perfluorochemicals: chemicals to keep things from sticking – what happens when they enter our bodies? These chemicals magically keep food from sticking to pans and anything greasy from sticking to clothes, carpets and packaging. They are even used in common cosmetic products. When we cook with non-stick pans, sit on stain resistant…
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